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Enjoy a swift, protected, and effortless payment experience at the checkout or any other payment point, ensuring speed, security, and seamlessness

Eliminate the necessity of storing card details or sharing payment information with merchants, prioritizing the safety and security of your data and privacy, while also avoiding the complexities of account setup; with a direct connection to your bank, you can conveniently verify funds in real-time during the payment process.

Pay Process

At Checkout

  • Select Pay by Paykage at checkout

  • Connect to your bank

  • Authorise payment

Via QR Code

  • Scan QR code on your bill

  • Connect to your bank

  • Authorise payment

In Chat or SMS

  • Follow secure payment link

  • Connect to your bank

  • Authorise payment

Faster Checkout

  • No card numbers to remember.

  • No security codes to confirm.

  • No more expired credentials.

  • Two simple steps to check out.

More Secure

  • Transactions completed via secure link to your bank.

  • Utilises strong authentication methods (Face ID, Touch ID).

  • Lowest fraud rates.

Protecting Your Data

  • Bank details never shared with merchants or sellers.

  • No account set up required.

  • No login needed, ready to go.

Oversee your money in one place. Spend with confidence.

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